We are really happy to hear our customers are starting to ask about our process and who we work with in order to create our much loved Tigerlily designs.

The Tigerlily team are proud to have long standing relationships with our suppliers & manufacturers, some for over 10 years now.

We are currently undergoing a project that will allow us to gain even further visibility with our manufacturers and suppliers so that we can provide accurate information transparently to our customers.

We are also researching and developing fabrications, techniques and processes, alongside our suppliers that are recognized as more environmentally sound.

Once we compile all information in relation to our supply chain and processes we will share with supporters of our brand.

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Our design…

Our team are passionate about the products we create and from the very beginning authenticity is at the forefront of our ethos. Our designers research, travel and immerse themselves in a chosen theme in order to be able to interpret and adapt into our own unique aesthetic. We are not about doing what is necessarily ‘on trend’ - we prefer to create designs that have an ageless and lasting appeal that can be worn for seasons to come. Our ongoing ‘Tigerlily Archives’ collection where we re-visit our customers all-time favourite styles is a perfect example of the timeless appeal of our designs.

Sourcing raw materials…

For approximately 90% of our swimwear fabrications we have been working with the same mills for over 10 years. Our beautiful fabrics are sourced mostly from Italy, whom we believe are leaders in knitted textiles. We also work closely with mills in France and Spain for our Jacquards and both warp & circular knitted Lycras.

For our clothing, we have longstanding relationships with fabric mills in India, China, Hong Kong and Korea.

Our Production…

Our suppliers are an integral part of our brand and our partnerships with them have been built overtime with a shared respect.

Understanding our supply chain is paramount in ensuring we have confidence in the practices of each step of the process. We regularity visit the factories, and have teams on the ground who conduct regular inspections with our suppliers, working alongside them to better understand where we can assist improvements.

These relationships we have are predominately in China, India and Portugal.


The product development teams work hard to guarantee they are as efficient as they can be in the design which in turn limits the wastage to as little as possible.

Tigerlily loves print! And we love the opportunity to use any leftover fabrics! If you have been into one of our Tigerlily habitats you will notice the soft furnishings that decorate our stores are made from our left over fabrics.


We recognize that the need for sea freight consolidation is the most environmentally friendly choice and commit to that wherever possible.