Beach shack livin'...

That holiday feeling… Nothing beats it! Long, lazy, sun drenched days. The freshness of being close to nature and taking the time to actually listen to it, appreciate it. No time restraints - no alarms, no deadlines. Easy dressing; bikinis, light layers, no shoes... If you desire. This post today is dedicated to beach holiday living. Whether you are planning one or dreaming of one this is some pure, indulgent escapism especially for you.

There is something so enchanting about a rustic, old beach shack. Sometimes the more decrepit the better because these flaws tell tales of it’s life span, the adventures it’s seen, weather it’s met and people it has housed. They possess a charm and character that a hotel could never emulate. Once you set foot inside your bohemian spirit is awakened and the pace of life instantly slows down.

We have included a selection of beach shacks that have stolen our hearts and have us dreaming about running away to find them!

Which one is your favourite?....

Note: The images have been gathered from various sources. If any of the images are yours please get in touch so we can credit you (and also so we can find out where to find these hidden gems!)


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