Behind the scenes...Summer Campaign Maldives 13

For our summer campaign this year we chose some pretty breathtaking islands that make up the south Male atoll in the Maldives. The Indian Ocean with its surreal palette of ombre blues, white sand beaches and remote little sandbars that only appear at low tide was a dream choice as a location and backdrop to this collection...

Shot by long time friend of the brand and exceptional photographer Jez Smith... Thanks so much for realising our vision once again you are a true talent and legend of course! Xx



Ahu... the legend! He was our 'can do anything man', the shoot wouldn't have been possible with out him. From lifting, building and climbing things, to sailing our Dhoni. A free-diver in his spare time he can dive down 50 meters without a tank...


Our Dhoni 'a traditional Maldivian boat' resting after a long day shooting...


The incredibly talented Amanda Reardon working her magic with the barely-there, beachy and dewy make-up and applying sunscreen to Courtney, the sun was so strong it would melt off in the heat of the day...



Our designer meals and stylist Bridie Gilbert creating some Maldivian coral mobile hangings that we would use to decorate the boat and the tee pee... (all of the coral was returned to the staff at the resort who were going to keep in memory of us...)


We were immediately drawn to this ladies natural beauty. It was an absolute pleasure to work with the stunning Courtney Eaton, she so effortlessly slipped into her Tigerlily beach bum persona... almost a bit too well ha ha



We pre-made tee pee fabrics at our office in Surry Hills with much thanks and praise to Toni our Pattern maker and Nancy our Machinist! They lovingly patch worked all the current fabrics from the collection together into large sheets. We then applied them to the tee pee along with some of our archive antique textiles we have gathered over the years on our travels...


The shoot would have been complete without Ted O'Donnell shooting some pretty cool film and GoPro footage which can be viewed here... http://vimeo.com/68509463

And...last but not least an incredible large thank-you goes out to the Minh, Santi, Sue & the team at The Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives www.holidayinnmaldives.com. They worked tirelessly to ensure our stay was completely beautiful, our Maldivian experience was made even more special with our adopted family. Everything from our accommodation to the food and our paddle boarding adventure was taken care of. We couldn't have been made to feel more welcome, we really were reluctant to leave!

The Crew who made it happen:

Courtney Eaton - Model

Jez Smith - Photographer

Kylie Coutts - Digital Operator

Georgina Egan - Photographer's Assistant

Bridie Gilbert - Stylist

Amanda Reardon - Hair & Make-up

Amelia Stanley - Creative Direction & Head Designer

Lyndall Wilson - Producer

Ted O'Donnell - Filmer