Dar Si Said...

A discovery from our travels, a unique and incredible source of inspiration...

The Palais Dar Si Said in Marrakech held many surprises. Once we gained entry to the Palace we were absolutely mesmerised by the collection of antique textiles and berber jewels that looked as painful as they did beautiful.

The last hall took us past the entry to something special, roped off and with a guard blocking the entrance we knew we had to find a way in there! after some swift 'negotiations' with the guard we were allowed entry and were blown away by what we saw. We were transfixed on the opulent ceilings, they were decorated in symmetrical designs made from geometric and floral elements. We were particularly drawn to the delicate white plasterwork and intricate paintwork that frames the designs.

We hope you enjoy these beautiful images that we hold very close to our hearts!

ps. the Harem is a separate part of the house reserved for wives, concubines and servants originating back to the ancient Orientals.