meet christina from charliee presley

A little while ago, Christina, founder of Charliee Presley, contacted us on insta and dropped around one of her incredible creations to Tigerlily HQ... Since this day, her beautiful bouquet of 'dead flowers' remains in our eclectic little meeting room. Christina is one of the most vibrant and unique people we have ever crossed paths with and we absolutely adore her company's philosophy ~ "passing the expiry date doesn't mean that's where it ends. In fact, that's where it all begins...".

On the first day of spring, we collaborated with Charliee Presley for VFNO (Vogue Fashion Night Out). Christina worked her magic to make our Westfield Sydney habitat windows and David Jones' space come to life (see below for some photos from the night).

A lover of storytelling, Christina hunts for branches, twigs, flowers and 'materials once forgotten' and turns them into something truly beautiful... Read on for our little q & a with Christina.

How did your business 'Charliee Presley' all begin?

It was birthed out of a really unexpected time in my life. As many makers may experience, I was constantly riddled with confusion on what my creative path could really look like. Trying to manage my daily anxiety alongside the hardship I was facing, I was tied up in knots. I am a huge believer that the artistic expression can be a blessing to both the receiver and the maker. A quote I love and really relate to is: "often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain” - Carl Jung. I’ve always made things, I love using my hands and I’m constantly touching everything to gain the most understanding from my surroundings. After a variety of encouraging encounters, it was as simple as connecting the dots. Charliee Presley caught me off guard, a beautiful reminder that the best days are ahead, one creation at a time.

Why the name 'Charliee Presley'?

Since as long as I can remember I’ve adored Charlie Chaplin - watching all his movies, falling in love with mime and aspiring to be a smart storyteller... And on the other hand my good friend Elvis. Elvis Presley has been keeping me company the majority of my adolescent life, injecting heart, soul and sweet melodies to my every step. The name, Charliee Presley is representative of innovative storytelling, passion, childlike imagination and lots of heart.

We love that you see the beauty in almost anything and everything... Where do you draw your inspiration from for your incredible creations?

The idea that just because something has passed its expiry date, been rejected, deemed ugly or unusable, doesn’t mean that’s where it ends. In fact, that’s where it all begins. I’m inspired by the transformation anything can go through if given time, love and affection. I feel incredibly spoiled every time I go outdoors by the beauty that this world encapsulates. I’m always smitten by the majestic sky, excited by the parallels of a wild yet tranquil ocean and I fiercely fall head over heels every time I go for a wander through the mountains. For every branch I come across, fallen twigs, flowers that have withered away, thorns or weeds I stumble upon I see a multitude of opportunities ready to romance me, an invitation to play.

What has been your favourite project so far?

A cross between a photo shoot I recently conducted and the collaboration with Tigerlily for VFNO (Vogue Fashion’s Night Out). Both had me surrounded by inspired and beautiful materials to work with alongside wonderful people to match it.

We love hearing about tour rummaging missions. Where do you find all the beautiful flowers, twigs and branches for your creations? Do you have any specific spots you like to search?

I try to set off on weekly expeditions, tugging around an enormous white hessian sack and filling it with materials I find along the way. The majority of the flowers are collections from my morning visits to the flower markets and when I’m seeking something extra special I make sure to adventure into new territories, finding fields filled with bamboo and stumbling upon dead flowers entangled amongst the thorns. One of my new favourite spots is behind a friend’s cottage in Clifton, down south. If you’re feeling daring and can manage to create a path to climb through, the possibilities of what you can find are endless.

What is your favourite piece from our current 'This is Bobo' collection and why?

I've just recently found myself twirling around in the Gosier onesie and feel like it’s going to be my spring/summer obsession. The combination of the keyhole back detail with the underlay sheer shorts softly peeking through makes for a really flattering silhouette.

Last but not least, what are your favourite words to live by?

Make daily choices to be positive, become good at serving people without expectations, learn to love unconditionally and steer clear of mediocrity.

To learn more about Christina, visit her website or follow her on insta @charlieepresley.

Photography by Ashleigh Brisenden, follow Ashleigh on insta @ashleighbrisenden.