*Amelia: Define your idea of the ultimate Tigerlily babe? David Bonney: She's got a hippie luxe edge, she loves a good print, and is brave enough to mix them well, then add some strong accessories to toughen it up.

*Amelia: How would you describe your own personal style? DB: Pretty simple and easy. Considered but always comfortable. A killer leather jacket (Acne or Alexander Wang). Bassike tee or APC shirt. Carhartt slim chinos or Nobody drop crotch raw denim jeans. Felt handmade boots or Adidas Original kicks plus a great backpack.

*Amelia: What are some of your favourite looks from this show? DB: The Rassamun Cardi over the Tango maxi dress and the Palacio ensemble.

*Amelia: Currently, what does a typical day at LMFF look like, for you? DB: Checking and double checking details with my assistant and our Head Dresser - do we have all the accessories, have the adjustments been made, who has those shoes we need, when will that courier arrive??? Looking at photos from fittings to make sure I'm happy with the looks. Writing tech rehearsal notes for the sound and video cues. Listening to the amazing music over and over to get my head in the spirit of the show...

*Amelia: We love a good tip especially if involving food! What are some of your favourite shopping/eating spots in Melbourne? DB: I love to eat at Cookie in Swanston St, great for a lunch if its sunny and you can get a tiny balcony table. I dig Ciccolina if I'm staying in St Kilda - fantastic Italian. And I always try to get to Pellegrini's for a coffee, it reminds me of my college days here. For shopping I always check out Marais for amazing international labels, Incu for APC and Sole Devotion for Mark McNairy kicks.

*Amelia: We love to travel to get inspiration for our ranges, where do you look for inspiration? DB: Music (current favourites - Frank Ocean and latest Bat for Lashes). Art - recently saw an awesome Warhol retrospective in Hong Kong, and loved the Anish Kapoor show at MCA Sydney. And of course travel - cant wait to get back to Palm Springs in April for Coachella.

*Amelia: Within your career, is there a certain moment or event that you are most proud of? DB: Sounds crazy, but every time an editorial comes out and I love it - I get the same feeling, I'm always excited and proud and sort of surprised it all worked! And I get a real rush from working on a show. There's so many tiny details to sort, but if I nail it, it makes me very proud and grateful.

*Amelia: We’re pretty familiar with the start of your career on the editorial side, but how did you begin styling? DB: I had never imagined being a stylist, but I had always loved photography and magazines, and the creative/collaborative process. I was dating ace photographer Harold David and he encouraged me to give it a go...

*Amelia: So, what’s next for you? DB: Have you got the number for the Psychic Hotline?