quick q&a with nadine monley...

Professional Makeup Artist, founder of Beauty Department and lovely friend of ours, Nadine Monley, is best known at Tigerlily as the master of dewy, flawless skin. Having worked on numerous photoshoots with us, Nadine has Tigerlily's natural and effortless aesthetic down pat. When she's not collaborating with high profile designers, photographers and publications at home, Nadine is a wandering gypsy herself - adventuring the globe to work at exotic beach locations. Always sporting a healthy sun-kissed glow, Nadine is also the creator of Beauty Department's natural gradual tanning range... A favourite at Tigerlily HQ!

Between shots, we sat down with Nadine and asked her a few questions...

Why do you love your job?

I love that every day is different and I get to meet amazing and inspiring people... The travel is pretty good too!

What is the most memorable Tigerlily shoot that you have worked on?

Every shoot for Tigerlily is fantastic as there is such a wonderful and positive team. The stand out for me was the South Seas campaign that was shot by photographer Jez Smith - all the shots looked incredibly beautiful.

Give us your interpretation of Tigerlily style and beauty...

The Tigerlily girl has a beautiful bohemian style with simple elements of chic. The clothes she wears are colourful, detailed, beautiful and modern. Her beauty is raw and effortless.

What is your favourite seaside holiday destination?

I have just been to the Caribbean for a shoot and it's one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

What top three beauty tips can you give us?

1. Always allow skin to look like skin when applying makeup.

2. Wear sunscreen everyday - even when it is overcast.

3. Make sure you think about what you eat and how it will effect your skin. It makes such a difference to how you feel and look.

To find out more about Nadine or to shop her natural gradual tanning range with organic ingredients visit www.beautydepartment.com.au. Follow Nadine on Instagram at @beautydepartment.com.au and @nadinemonley