Chapter three… Atlas and Sahara

We are really excited to share with you something that is such a huge part of tigerlily… our travels and adventures. This trip took us wandering amidst a spice market in a Moroccan souk to forbidden harems and mountain villages.

We want to share the bits and pieces our cameras capture..the images that inspire us and provoke our design.

Stay: ‘Chez Momo’ meaning ‘Momo’s place’ is a quaint little hillside property, perfect spot to rejuvenate after the craziness of Marrakech. http://www.aubergemomo.com/

Don't leave without... getting local guide Ali to take you on a 20km trek into mountain Berber villages high up in the mountains for breathtaking views the occasional donkey and some fresh water streams to drink from… (Chez Momo will organise super fit Ali whom walks hours to reach the hotel)

Fell in love with Berber tribal jewels...


Wow. Quite the journey to travel there...but it is truly another world.

Our crazy (toothless) snake man... and a beautiful pottery co-op we passed along the way.

If you happened to ask how long it would take to get somewhere in the sahara... time was given by camel. It wasn't a 2 hour drive, it was '3 days by camel'. This never ceased to amaze me...

The life of these nomads is truly fascinating...you spot the occasional one wandering in the distance with a goat. However we were lucky enough to stumble upon them making beaded jewellery in a near by oasis.

6 hours away from the closest light source... this was our home for the night. Camped amongst the dunes our berber tent awaited. Made from goats skin and adorned in rugs and cushions, I really feel this photo does not do it justice!