Take Me To... Morocco ~chapter one~

we are really excited to share with you something that is such a huge part of tigerlily... our travels and adventures.

this trip took us wandering amidst a spice market in a Moroccan souk to forbidden harems and mountain villages.

we want to share the bits and pieces our camera's capture..the images that inspire us and provoke our design.

Chapter one...Fez & Chefchaouen

travel with us on our journey as we visit the infamous tanneries of Fez and explore the blue painted walls of the cosy mountain town Chefchaouen.

One of the smaller tanneries…we were told henna and turmeric pigments were responsible for the intense colour. We completely fell for the earthy, rich yet faded colours.

A form of corner store…offering an eclectic selection including spiced sweets and henna.

Turmeric coloured skins adorning the walls of the tannery.

Artisan’s selling their wares.

Ultra pigmented leather being stretched in an alcove of the tanneries.

One of the larger tanneries in Fez.

*extra survival notes:

Eat… la maison bleue

Stay… Riad Les Oudayas Don’t leave without… visiting the tanneries. Avoid the main tourist hoards and talk to the locals and chances are, one of their brothers works at a smaller one around the corner (where you can be taken in exchange for a couple of Moroccan Dirham).


Djellaba’s are the traditional dress for the men and women of morocco. Each one is uniquely adorned in embroideries and tapings. Here they are strung as part of a roadside market... one of many you can find amongst the maze of the medina.

The uniquely painted medina of chefchaouen comes in all shades of other worldly blues.

One of the many streets of the medina… lined with spices, remedies, and of course its pigment blue walls!

2 little chairs just sitting in the alleyway… it is a shame to miss out in seeing what characters they belonged to!

These quaint little plaques lined the wall leading up to the beautiful guesthouse dar meziana.

It is truly a sight you never take for granted…the blue walls just hold a charm of their own.

*extra survival notes:

Eat… from the little bakeries that are tucked away amongst any number of blue doors in the medina Stay… dar meziana Don’t leave without… drinking ‘berber whisky’ (mint tea) on the roof of a local artisan co-op, and just watching the world go by.