Tigerlily in Greece

We have an endless fascination with the mythical motif of the evil eye - a symbol of strength and protection. Our spring/summer collection Nazar, is inspired by those distant lands that frame the Mediterranean Sea that are also captivated by the power of the nazar. For our summer campaign shoot, we left our chilly Sydney office for summertime in Greece... A country that is notorious for its curious evil eye glass charms...

With help from Discover Greece, Verina Hotels and Sea Jets Greece, we journeyed to some of the most picturesque islands in the world surrounded by a deep ink blue sea.

We called Verina Villa home... Located on the remote and tranquil Vathi Beach in Sifnos, the villa had a dreamlike quality with its white-washed walls adorned with bougainvillaea and vast ocean views.

In search of the perfect shoot locations, we explored Sifnos, immersing ourselves in the island's rich antiquities and culture. We visited Sifnos Kastro - a labyrinth of tiny streets lined with beautiful archways and rustic blue doors.

We also stopped by Chrysopgi - a celebrated monastery located next to a pebbly beach (ideal for sunbathing) and dined at a beach taverna boasting in fresh local produce.

Embracing the Mediterranean heat, we adventured to Milos - an island ringed with a dramatic coastline of colourful rock formations. One of our favourite locations was Klima... A brightly coloured quaint fishing village nestled in the natural rock concavities.

So different to those in Australia, we were in awe of Sarakiniko and Firopotamos Beach. The exotic emerald waters and spartan volcanic rock landscape gave us the surreal impression of standing on the surface of the moon. An unforgettable and magical experience...

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Photo credit: Wade Edwards @wade_edwards

A special thank you to our following partners:

Discover Greece... Our Greek travelling guide.

Seajets... Our islands hopping partner.

Verina Villa... Our Sifnos home.