When the stars align...

Kutch is a region in the north west of India that lies in the state of Gujarat, Kutch is known for its mirrored embroideries traditionally stitched by the village women. They are created for themselves, their families, festivities, to honour deities, or to generate wealth. Each tribe has their own unique differences and distinct combination of stitches, patterns and colours. The rules for using them were shaped by historical, socio-economic and cultural factors. UNIVERSE-KUTCH-POST_1What is so unique about each tribe's technique, is that it's purely developed by their imagination. This technique and style belongs to one of the Nomadic tribes of Gurjurat. Some of the patterns we saw were said to be a tribe's perspective of all the planets and stars in the universe and how they see them in her mind. Each piece is open to interpretation but the idea uses many tiny geometric patterns and radiating effects. UNIVERSE-KUTCH-POST_2Each artisan imagines her design, then counts it out. This work requires an understanding of geometry and great eyesight, it is created by filling symmetrical patterns with tiny triangles and accent stitches.